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From early on, we learn how to fit within society's structures, to live according to its rules, expectations and norms. We do not learn how to trust our intuition. Yet there lies a big power in listening to that inner voice, to that instinct we cannot define but for some reason know it's true. It is our soul, our divine blueprint, our true light spark that shines through and tries to remind us of our own empowerment. Listening to our intuition can save us a lot of time and detours. But sometimes, exactly those detours bring us more clarity, new encounters, people in our lives, and a deeper connection to ourselves. It is the path that brings us clarity and new opportunities. Don't give up if you can't sense your intuition yet. But trust, it is always in you, whenever you need it, you can access it. You can set it free and align with it for the most optimal, peaceful and harmonised outcome. Give it a try!

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