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Time for emotional freedom!

  • 1 hour
  • 90 euros
  • Check for availability in Berlin | Waldbronn | Panama City

Service Description

SKYourself® is a simple and powerful technique without body contact with the client. It clears the chains of emotional blockages, allowing you to free yourself from these bonds. It creates an internal shift that produces positive changes in relationships. By clearing these blockages it can also facilitate physical healing. With SKYourself® emotions such as depression, fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger and grief may dissolve quickly, safely and sustainably. These negative emotions can cause you to hide, to want to run away or freeze up to the point where you cannot take action. Even if you are able to control your emotional reactions, your body may continue to experience the physical tensions, whether you are aware of them or not. Left unresolved they may even lead to physical illness. When the blockages are dissolved you have a renewed sense of vitality, confidence and inner peace. The SKYourself® method has been taught at the San Esprit Healing Centre in Germany since 2008 and is recognized as being so effective in treating trauma that the German government will pay for its social workers to take the training. More information about SKYourself:

Contact Details

+ +49 152 0499 4709

Scharnweberstraße 52, 10247 Berlin, Germany

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