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K*A*R*® Karmic Atlas Release

Safely realigning the upper vertebra for harmony in body-mind-soul


K*A*R*® Karmic Atlas Release is a completely painless and safe re-alignment of the first vertebra of the spinal column (C-1) using only energy healing impulses without any physical manipulation. A perfectly aligned Atlas restores the body's harmony and balance and reactivates its own natural healing abilities leading to a large number of benefits.

The Atlas is out of place in nearly every person, often since birth due to the strenuous journey a baby takes through the birth channel. Even a slightly displaced Atlas may very well be the root cause of many discomforts, both physically and mentally as it compresses the nerves of the spinal column. This pressure on the nerves may result in head, shoulder, neck, and back pains, as well as chronic migraines, tinnitus, balance issues, dizziness. A unaligned Atlas vertebra influences the entire body posture and can be responsible for unaligned hips and pelvis, leading to scoliosis, and even knee-problems.

Western medicine offers potentially dangerous practices to readjust the Atlas by cracking, pressure, and rough handling. This can be very painful and risky. 


In contrast, the K*A*R*® Karmic Atlas Release does not involve any physical manipulation and is completely safe. With the amazinGRACE® healing impulses, the practitioner allows the client's Atlas to move itself back into its natural position by only means of energy. The realignment is stimulated by strong energetic impulses that are aimed exactly at the Atlas. Since this means an immense increase in frequency for the client as well as for the healer, a successful K*A*R*® healing session can be promised at the earliest after the 4th amazinGRACE® healing session. 


Tel: +49 152 0499 4709


Germany | Panama

K*A*R*® – Karmic Atlas Release: 150,00 €   Duration: 90 Min. 

To readjust the atlas with the K*A*R*® method a minimum of 4 amazinGRACE® healing sessions are required.

Cancellation Policy: For cancellations, please notify me at least 24 hours prior to your requested healing session in order to avoid being charged.

I practice spiritual and energy healing on adults, children, babies, animals and nature. I do not give diagnosis or make therapy suggestions.

I do not promise healing will occur. A healing session does not replace a doctor's visit or treatment with members of conventional medicine.

Healing sessions take place in Berlin, Germany | Waldbronn, Germany | Panama City, Panama

The texts published here reflect only the personal opinion and experience of the author. Texts: All rights reserved by Melanie Endres. Trademarks of healing methods: San Esprit GmbH & Co. KG, Großbergham 16, 83119 Obing. 

Images: All rights reserved by Melanie Endres. Individual images used from Free Wix Collections

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