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Time for emotional freedom!

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"You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather."

Pema Chödrön

SKYourself® is a simple and powerful technique without body contact with the client.


It clears negative emotions, such as depression, fear, anger, anxiety, and grief in a swift, safe and sustainable facilitates physical healing.

Our everyday life is characterized by a lot of pressure to perform and compete, which already begins at a young age when children start school. Our society is constantly in motion, there are rarely any breaks and time to breathe. Stress, overstimulation, social media, and deadlines are our daily routine. These permanent burdens lead to depression, listlessness, insomnia, burn out, anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses.


Many people have negative memories and traumas that never rise up to the surface but prevent them from living a happy, fulfilled and healthy life. This includes not only events experienced during the course of childhood, which can affect life and health in a persistent negative way, but also current personal and global events.

Negative beliefs and behavioural patterns stored deeply in our subconsciousness can also inhibit free actions and decisions.


In the SKYourself® healing session, the client is guided safely and in a structured manner through a deep solution process, without the stress of reliving traumatic memories.


SKYourself® works in the subtle emotional body. Fears, phobias, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, burn-out symptoms, lovesickness dissolve amazingly fast, effectively, safely, and sustainably with this method. Stressful situations in everyday life, at work and in relationships begin to feel more relaxed and positive. New perspectives emerge naturally, self-confidence improves, inner peace and harmony is gained.


SKYourself® also works with babies, children, and animals.


SKYourself® can be learned by anyone and is also a helpful tool for therapists, psychologists and HR managers in risk prevention at the workplace. It can even be used on the road and on the phone, or wherever it is necessary to defuse sensitive situations and conflicts, to facilitate peaceful co-operation and coexistence, and to set stagnant situations in motion. For more information about the method (only if you are interested in learning SKY):


Tel: +49 152 0499 4709 


Germany | Panama

SKYourself® Session: 100,00 € Duration: 60 Min. 

Cancellation Policy: For cancellations, please notify me at least 24 hours prior to your requested healing session in order to avoid being charged.

I practice spiritual and energy healing on adults, children, babies, animals and nature. I do not give diagnosis or make therapy suggestions.

I do not promise healing will occur. A healing session does not replace a doctor's visit or treatment with members of conventional medicine.

Healing sessions take place in Berlin, Germany | Waldbronn, Germany | Panama City, Panama

The texts published here reflect only the personal opinion and experience of the author. Texts: All rights reserved by Melanie Endres. Trademarks of healing methods: San Esprit GmbH & Co. KG, Großbergham 16, 83119 Obing. 

Images: All rights reserved by Melanie Endres. Individual images used from Free Wix Collections

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