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Distant Healing

harmonising body & mind transcending time and space

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Through Quantum Physics we know that it is possible to transmit healing frequencies without limitation of time and space. 


Distant healing is performed when the client lives far away and cannot come in person for a healing session; for people who are physically impaired or in bed; for children who have difficulties staying in a particular place for some time or if the presence of a stranger is uncomfortable; in an emergency situation where distance healing may support a fast recovery.


For a distant healing session a specific date and time will be agreed between the practitioner and client, but this is not mandatory for the frequencies to reach the person and start the healing process. Neither is it necessary to have the permission or knowledge of the person in question. It is rather in favour of the client to be able to enjoy and observe the experience. It is recommended to lie down with eyes closed on a bed or couch in a quiet place while the practitioner sends the distant healing.


Tel: +49 152 0499 4709


Distant Healing: 60,00 € Duration: 30 Min. 

Cancellation Policy: For cancellations, please notify me at least 24 hours prior to your requested healing session in order to avoid being charged.

I practice spiritual and energy healing on adults, children, babies, animals and nature. I do not give diagnosis or make therapy suggestions.

I do not promise healing will occur. A healing session does not replace a doctor's visit or treatment with members of conventional medicine.

Healing sessions take place in Berlin, Germany | Waldbronn, Germany | Panama City, Panama

The texts published here reflect only the personal opinion and experience of the author. Texts: All rights reserved by Melanie Endres. Trademarks of healing methods: San Esprit GmbH & Co. KG, Großbergham 16, 83119 Obing. 

Images: All rights reserved by Melanie Endres. Individual images used from Free Wix Collections

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