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Energy Healing
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Healing Stones

Melanie Endres

Healing Begins Within You

I invite you to be free, to gain clarity and consciousness,

to activate your own healing powers, to be your true self.

With powerful energy healing impulses by laying hands and mental power I help activating your personal self-healing process and own healing powers in a very quick, gentle and safe way, and most importantly with visible results! Bringing your body, mind and soul back into alignment could be much faster and easier than you might have thought. In your own pace and rhythm I am happy to accompany you on this amazing and transformational journey.

Sound is the Creation.

Silence is the Creator.

Chintan Dalal, Nada Yogi



for healing sessions in

Berlin | Waldbronn | Panama City

Thanks so much, your message is on the way to Melanie!

I practice spiritual and energy healing on adults, children, babies, animals and nature. I do not give diagnosis or make therapy suggestions.

I do not promise healing will occur. A healing session does not replace a doctor's visit or treatment with members of conventional medicine.

Healing sessions take place in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany | Waldbronn, Germany | Panama City, Panama

The texts published here reflect only the personal opinion and experience of the author. Texts: All rights reserved by Melanie Endres. Trademarks of healing methods: San Esprit GmbH & Co. KG, Großbergham 16, 83119 Obing. 

Images: All rights reserved by Melanie Endres. Individual images used from Free Wix Collections

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